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that banner is love.
Thank you I'm rather fond of it myself the skelaton girl is one of my favorite characters.
Thank you =)
heyy love the banner and icons! add me? hope you dont mind i added you
Sure XD
Hey, this is Danielle..
I added you to my friends after getting your comment :)
Ok, I added you back. Sorry I forgot before...
hey, im liv :D i was talking to a friend on lj and she said you sent her photoshop. I was wondering if you would be able to send me and of course befriend me! Any one who loves Little Britain is automatically added :D lol *adds freak_out123 *
Sure I'll send it to you I just need your email address.

And of course adds you back! Little Britain is the best!
i found your journal at little britain icons, and was wondering if you minded adding me, i love little britain..xD
Sure! I love Green Day too =)
hiya! love your icons and banners! I added u, *waves* :P
Thank you! I added you back. =)
cool banner! i hope i'm still on your friends lis?
Yes you are! I just changed the banner. And thank you.
lovely FO banner :) i hope i'm still on your friends list
Thanks. Yes you are I juist changed the banner so it would be at the top of my journal.
Hey, AML friend!
I'm friending you. ^^
Yay AML!
*friends back*
Please add me to your friends list! =]

I saw you on the beatlsecret community =] so thats how I found your site incase you were wondering lol

Sure thing! Yay another Beatles fan@


10 years ago

Hey ~~
I peek into my MySpace once every two months or so, saw you friended me and are a Beatles person and also friend of thisisalyssa, so if you're also in favor of Brian Epstein and you don't mind, can I friend you also?

But if you are not in favor of Eppy, may a thousand little kreplach descend upon your fair cranium.

Oh, I'm sorry, and blackbird_num9, too.
Have I missed anyone?


10 years ago

hey! it's gilda_rocks i got a new journal. can you ad me again...please?
Hi it's freak_out123 I got a new journal too! lol
I'll add you on this new one. =)